Sunday, October 26, 2008

2nd UPSI result

This is my best game at UPSI. I draw with world police champion , Ismail Ahmad. I played white, I have 10 ++ minute and Mr Ismail is around 1.30 minute. I still can win with if my next move Rxf5 and and black play Rd1. But i must guard my f2 pawn. Draw is better than lose.

Other game i miss the orpotunity to win is with Mr Arshad (caturterengganu). After i lose to Mr Arshad.. my moral and mentality is down.. and only 1 win in 4 game. Bad day. The winner is the one and only Ian Udani. I will publish result soon.

Prize winner:
1. Ian Udani 6/RM1000
2. Kamaluddin Yusof 5.5/RM700
3. NM Mohd Kamal Abdullah 5.5/RM500
4. Mohd Nabil Azman Abdullah 5.5/RM300
5. Sumant Subramaniam 5.5/RM200
6. Muhammad Arshad 5.5/RM150
----Faizal bin Andin 5.5/RM150 (Best IPT/S)
7. Mohd Fairin Zakaria 5.5/RM100
----NM Zarul Shahzwan Zulkafli 5/RM100 (2nd Best IPT/S)
8. Fairul Yusoff 5/RM70
9. Mohd Fadli bin Zakaria 5/RM50
10. Abdul Khalid bin Musa 5/RM50

Result: please visit stonemaster .info

Under 18 and 12