Sunday, October 17, 2010

UUM Open Chess Tournament Result

Last saturday (16 oct 2010) i'm joined UUM Chess Open. Total around 100 players taking part. I'm and ended7 (Aamaluddin) travel from Kulim to Jitra, before stop for resting in my hometown at Jitra ( Near Bukit Wang Reacreation park). Saturday morning we continue our journey to UUM at Sintok,Kedah- 30 minute drive from my kampung. The 1st game start around 9.30 a.m , after waiting for a few player. 1st round, I lost to Muhamad Husaini from Changlun, he pinned my rook with a bishop. After that , i maintain my performance and keep winning untill last round draw againt Khairul Hafiz, i'm in advantage with Queen +Rook+ 3 pawns again 2 rook + 1 Knight and 3 pawn. I'm just don't want to take a risk, because if winning I only can finish 4th, same prize with 6th place. Anthony Liong from Penang get the spotlight of the day, after trashing the 3's Azman Hisham daughter/son. Nabil cannot revenge his 2 younger sister defeat to Anthony Liong, after only manage to draw. Syatifulzamani also play superd chess game, by drawing with Nabil, and defeated Nur Nabila in final round. Defending champion, Syed Iskandar and Amri not playing their best game that day, after losing to Chin Kok Liang. Ended 7 also cannot maintain performance, due to tired ,dont get enough sleep. Congrat to all winner and for the other player, we can try again next year.


1st.Anthony Liong Ing Kiat
2nd.Syaifulzamani Bin Ismail
3rd.Muhammad Nabil Azman Hisham
4th.Khoo Chang Gee
5th.Muhammad Khairul Hafiz
6th.Alias Hanafi (capman)
7th.Nur Najiha Azman Hisham (U15)
8th.Muhamad Nurislam Yahaya,(U15)
9th.Nur Nabila Azman Hisham,(U15)
10th.Chiang Choon Han,(UUM)
11th.Collin Poh Chun Khwan
12th.Azman Hisham Che Doi
13th.Terry Choong Choon Ming
14th.Muhamad Zahier Sabdin
15th.Amri Ibni Hajar

 Best UUM :
Chiang Choon Han

Best ladies and Best  Under 15:
Nur Najiha Azman Hisham