Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chess and biorhythms

What is biorhythms?
Our biorhythm charts depict a range of days centered on the target day. The numbers -14, -7, +7, and +14 across the top mark dates ranging from the past to the future. The numbers from +100% (maximum) to -100% (minimum) indicate where the rhythms are on a particular day. In general, a rhythm at 0% is thought to have no real impact on your life, whereas a rhythm at +100% (a high) would give you an edge in that area, and a rhythm at -100% (a low) would make life more difficult in that area. There is no particular meaning to a day on which your rhythms are all high or all low, except the obvious benefits or hindrances that these rare extremes are thought to have on your life.

The three primary biorhythm cycles are:
Emotional: This cycle tracks the stability and positive energy of your psyche and outlook on life, as well as your capacity to empathize with and build rapport with other people.
Intellectual: This cycle tracks your verbal, mathematical, symbolic, and creative abilities, as well as your capacity to apply reason and analysis to the world around you.
Physical: This cycle tracks your strength, health, and raw physical vitality.

 The three secondary cycles that derive from the primaries are:
Mastery: This is the composite of the Intellectual and Physical cycles. Mastery encompasses your ability to succeed at tasks and to obtain what you desire. This cycle also tracks athletic ability and the focus required to learn physical skills.
Passion: This is the composite of the Physical and Emotional cycles. Passion encompasses your motivation to act, and the drive that allows you to continue a difficult pursuit. This cycle also tracks sexuality in its purest form.
Wisdom: This is the composite of the Emotional and Intellectual cycles. Wisdom encompasses your understanding of the world, your role in it, and the things that are truly important to your life. This cycle also tracks the presence of mind that you need to make crucial decisions.

We will be more advantage during chess tournament if our biorhythms in a positive side. This can avoid from blunder and contribute to a best move calculation.

example of my biorhythms:
  •  This is my biorhythms for month of February.After second week in February , all my graph is in a positive side. So around 15 February afterward.. i have full strength and power to defeat anyone..hehe.
  • This is just a few minor item that can help us in tournament , so the result not depends on this 100% , but your preparation is most important during tournament. Experience can help you a lot.After joining a tournament , but the result not well , those loses game may be a consider as a process of learning, made some changes in your repertoire untill you master it. After your master it , you will become ...National Master , Fide Master , International Master and Grand Master. Good Luck.
Can search in internet for the biorhythms calculator and its free just key in your birthday. Below are some of the free biorhythm website calculator: