Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bayu Tiara at Usm Team Event.

We finish with empty handed.We only manage to get 15.5 point. 5 game win and 2 lose, but we lose with 0-4 to Van Helsing in round 4 and IIUM Mustang in last round.

USM Team Event Result:
Champion : OFA A
Runner Up :Van Helsing
3rd :King Hunters
4th :IIUM Mustangs A
5th :Play 2 Win
6th :Intel
7th :OFA B
8th :Mayhem

Category Prizes:
Public Organization -AJK Catur MSSPP
IPT -USM Chess Team
Secondary School -CLHS A
Primary School - Jaffolea First Generation
U18B1st 2nd U18G - CLHS CPFS A PCGHS A
U12B1st 2nd U12G - PCGPS PCA Junior The Chess Princess

Best Board Prizes:
Board 1 -NM Jonathan Chuah (OFA A)
Board 2 -NM Marcus Chan (Intel)
Board 3 -Chuah Heng Meng (OFA A)
Board 4 -Wee Zhao Liang (Jaffolea SMKK)
Board 5 -Ang Zhen Wei (SJK © Kwang Hua)
Board 6 -James Loh Khian Keong (OXA)

Full result here can visit eu.hong
Some best game of Bayu Tiara player.

I lost, when my time droped. More move , but i already forgot.

This game ended with a draw.What ended7 said about his game
" For the fist time in my life I play [Site "A29"] [White "English"] [Black "Four knights, kingside Fianchetto"]. Most of all I prepare this opening line against Mas Hafizul. Just kidding. Haha. I scare of Garvin because he fide rated player and he also scare of me because Dark Horse reputation. Draw by agreement. We have played before at CLH open. He played King Indian defence against Bayonet attack on my side. Kramnik-Topalove style. Also draw."

We meet 2 times before in rapid game. I win one game he win one game. .I left 10 minutes and Khai Boon left15 minutes. In the time pressure, i need to finish game quickly. Before I make sacrifice on b6. I calculate to sacrifice with 24.Rb5 or Bxb6. After 24.Rb5 Bxb5 25.axb5 a file open for attacking. For the both option calculate on my mind completely lost according to the fritz. Now 2-1.How sad!-ended7