Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CLHS Open 2009 Results

I'm finish at 30th place with 5/8 point. In round 5, i'm with other members ( Syedchess, A'amaluddin , Norazwan, and Nazlee ) came late to tournament hall after finish our lunch. I only have 5 minute to play againt under 9 boy-Chuah Hao Min. I lost when my flag goes down but I have some advandtage of 1 rook. Other members also lose their game except Nazlee. Below are the top 10 winner of Open player. Full result can visit

Open Result:
1st -NM Ronnie Lim Chuin Hoong
2nd -Wong Hao
3rd -Chuah Heng Meng
4th -NM Marcus Chan
5th -Lim Kong Hui
6th -Looi Xin Hao
7th -Tan Khai Boon
8th -Gavin Fong Wei Chern
9th -Wong Chee Siang
10th -Loo Swee Leong