Monday, July 20, 2009

End game study

Tonight I have some free time and make some reseach in other chess website. I found new chess site This website is so intractive and good to study chess. Back to above position, how can white make a move and win?...This endgame base on zugzwang application. ‘Zug’ means move and ‘zwang’ means ‘compulsion’, this combination mean ‘compulsion to move’. In this situation, a move will make a position worse and the best aswer is not to move. chess game..we must continuesly make a move untill the game ended. So what in ur mind?....

  • f8=Q Rxf8 2. Re1 Re8+ draw after White Rook’s capture Black’s King Pawn with support from the King.
  • 1. Rxf1 exf1=Q Black will win!
  • If White Rook leave 1st rank, Black King Pawn will promote.
  • 1. Rb1 e1=Q+ 2. Rxe1 Rxe1+ also winning game for black

The best solution is :

  1. Re1 Rf2 rook can not capture Rook at e1 if 1. … Rxe1 2. f8=Q+ Kc7 3. Qc5+ Kd8 4. Qa5+ (3. … Kb7 4. Qb4+), Black loses Rook.
  2. a3 ... blocking move and make black under zugzwang ..Rf1
  3. Rxe2 Rf3
  4. Rd2+ Kc8
  5. Rd5 Kc7
  6. Rf5 Re3+
  7. Kf6.... any move
  8. f8=Q