Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kelantan Open Result

Abdullah Che Hassan to strong for other player to stop him from taking the 1st prize. Around 49 particapant in this tournament, maybe this is a small number of particapant compare to its big prize money.


  1. Abdullah Che Hassan RM800
  2. Muhammad Arshad RM500
  3. Md Khair RM300
  4. Mohd Azizul RM100
  5. Azahari Mohd Nor RM100
  6. Kamal Azmi RM100
  7. Abd Khalid Musa RM100
  8. Ali Akhbar Kuning RM100
  9. Md Zainuddin RM100
  10. Fairul Yusoff RM100

Under 15 winners:

  1. Ahmad Zulhilmi RM200
  2. Laila Husna RM150
  3. Wan Emilia RM100
  4. Fadhil Aiman RM50
  5. Md Afiq Aiman RM50
  6. Md Muhaimin RM50
  7. Najihah RM50
  8. Md Fadhil RM50
  9. Md Afham RM50
  10. Md Ahza RM50

Detail here


Muhammad Arshad said...

Kalau nak ceduk dari blog I tak kisah cuma bagi kredit lah ckit.