Saturday, September 20, 2008

Eco opening database; A00-A99

Unusual White Opening Moves (A00-03)
The Reti Opening (A04-09)
The English Opening (A10-39)
Miscellaneous Queen's Pawn Openings (A40-55)
The Benoni Defense (A56-79)
The Dutch Defense (A80-99)

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A00= Irregular OpeningsA01= Nimzovich-Larsen attackA02= Bird's OpeningA03= Bird's OpeningA04= Reti OpeningA05= Reti Opening, 2..Nf6A06= Reti Opening, 2..d5A07= Reti Opening, King's Indian attack (Barcza system)A08= Reti Opening, King's Indian attackA09= Reti Opening, 2..d5 3.c4A10= English OpeningA11= English, Caro-Kann defensive systemA12= English, Caro-Kann defensive systemA13= English OpeningA14= English, Neo-Catalan declinedA15= English, 1...Nf6 (Anglo-Indian defense)A16= English OpeningA17= English OpeningA18= English, Mikenas-Carls variationA19= English, Mikenas-Carls, Sicilian variationA20= English OpeningA21= English OpeningA22= English OpeningA23= English Opening, Bremen system, Keres variationA24= English Opening, Bremen system with 3...g6A25= English Opening, Sicilian ReversedA26= English Opening, Closed systemA27= English Opening, Three knights systemA28= English Opening, Four knights systemA29= English Opening, Four knights, kingside FianchettoA30= English Opening, Symmetrical variationA31= English Opening, Symmetrical, Benoni formationA32= English Opening, SymmetricalA33= English Opening, SymmetricalA34= English Opening, SymmetricalA35= English Opening, SymmetricalA36= English Opening, SymmetricalA37= English Opening, SymmetricalA38= English Opening, SymmetricalA39= English Opening, Symmetrical, Main line with d4A40= Queen's pawnA41= Queen's pawnA42= Modern defense, Averbakh systemA43= Old Benoni defenseA44= Old Benoni defenceA45= Queen's pawn gameA46= Queen's pawn gameA47= Queen's Indian defenseA48= King's Indian, East Indian defenseA49= King's Indian, Fianchetto without c4A50= Queen's pawn gameA51= Budapest defense declinedA52= Budapest defenseA53= Old Indian defenseA54= Old Indian, Ukrainian variationA55= Old Indian, Main lineA56= Benoni defenseA57= Benko gambitA58= Benko gambit acceptedA59= Benko gambit, 7.e4A60= Benoni defenseA61= Benoni defenseA62= Benoni, Fianchetto variationA63= Benoni, Fianchetto variation, 9...Nbd7A64= Benoni, Fianchetto variation, 11...Re8A65= Benoni, 6.e4A66= Benoni, pawn storm variationA67= Benoni, Taimanov variationA68= Benoni, Four pawns attackA69= Benoni, Four pawns attack, Main lineA70= Benoni, Classical with e4 and Nf3A71= Benoni, Classical, 8.Bg5A72= Benoni, Classical without 9.O-OA73= Benoni, Classical, 9.O-OA74= Benoni, Classical, 9...a6, 10.a4A75= Benoni, Classical with ...a6 and 10...Bg4A76= Benoni, Classical, 9...Re8A77= Benoni, Classical, 9...Re8, 10.Nd2A78= Benoni, Classical with ...Re8 and ...Na6A79= Benoni, Classical, 11.f3A80= DutchA81= Dutch defenseA82= Dutch, Staunton gambitA83= Dutch, Staunton gambit, Staunton's lineA84= Dutch defenseA85= Dutch with 2.c4 & 3.Nc3A86= Dutch with 2.c4 & 3.g3A87= Dutch, Leningrad, Main variationA88= Dutch, Leningrad, Main variation with 7...c6A89= Dutch, Leningrad, Main variation with Nc6A90= Dutch defenseA91= Dutch defenseA92= Dutch defenseA93= Dutch, Stonewall, Botwinnik variationA94= Dutch, Stonewall with Ba3A95= Dutch, Stonewall with Nc3A96= Dutch, Classical variationA97= Dutch, Ilyin-Genevsky variationA98= Dutch, Ilyin-Genevsky variation with Qc2A99= Dutch, Ilyin-Genevsky variation with b3