Saturday, September 20, 2008

Eco opening database; C00-C99

The French Defense (C00-C19)
The Romantic Openings (C20-29), (C40-59)
The King's Gambit (C30-39)
The Evans Gambit (C51-52)
The Ruy Lopez (C60-99)

C00= French defenseC01= French, Exchange variationC02= French, Advance variationC03= French, TarraschC04= French, Tarrasch, Guimard Main lineC05= French, Tarrasch, Closed variationC06= French, Tarrasch, Closed variation, Main lineC07= French, Tarrasch, Open variationC08= French, Tarrasch, Open, 4.exd5 exd5C09= French, Tarrasch, Open variation, Main lineC10= French, Paulsen variationC11= French defenseC12= French, MacCutcheon variationC13= French, ClassicalC14= French, Classical variationC15= French, Winawer (Nimzovich) variationC16= French, Winawer, Advance variationC17= French, Winawer, Advance variationC18= French, Winawer, Advance variationC19= French, Winawer, Advance, 6...Ne7C20= King's pawn gameC21= center gameC22= center gameC23= Bishop's OpeningC24= Bishop's Opening, Berlin defenseC25= Vienna gameC26= Vienna, Falkbeer variationC27= Vienna gameC28= Vienna gameC29= Vienna gambit, Kaufmann variationC30= King's gambitC31= KGD, Falkbeer counter-gambitC32= KGD, Falkbeer, 5. dxe4C33= King's gambit acceptedC34= King's knight's gambitC35= KGA, Cunningham defenseC36= KGA, Abbazia defense (Classical defense, Modern defense)C37= KGA, Quaade gambitC38= King's knight's gambitC39= King's knight's gambitC40= King's knight OpeningC41= Philidor's defenseC42= Petrov's defenseC43= Petrov, Modern (Steinitz) attackC44= King's pawn gameC45= Scotch gameC46= Three knights gameC47= Four knights, Scotch variationC48= Four knights, Spanish variationC49= Four knights, double Ruy LopezC50= King's pawn gameC51= Evans gambit declinedC52= Evans gambitC53= Giuoco pianoC54= Guioco pianoC55= Two knights defenseC56= Two knights defenseC57= Two knights defenseC58= Two knights defenseC59= Two knights defenseC60= Ruy LopezC61= Ruy Lopez, Bird's defenseC62= Ruy Lopez, Old Steinitz defenceC63= Ruy Lopez, Schilemann defenseC64= Ruy Lopez, Classical (Cordel) defenceC65= Ruy Lopez, Berlin defenseC66= Ruy Lopez, Berlin defence, 4.O-O, d6C67= Ruy Lopez, Berlin defence, Open variationC68= Ruy Lopez, Exchange variationC69= Ruy Lopez, Exchange variation, 5.O-OC70= Ruy Lopez,C71= Ruy Lopez, Modern Steinitz defenseC72= Ruy Lopez, Modern Steinitz defense 5.0-0C73= Ruy Lopez, Modern Steinitz defense, Richter variationC74= Ruy Lopez, Modern Steinitz defenseC75= Ruy Lopez, Modern Steinitz defenseC76= Ruy Lopez, Modern Steinitz defense, Fianchetto (Bronstein) variationC77= Ruy Lopez, Morphy defenceC78= Ruy Lopez, 5.O-OC79= Ruy Lopez, Steinitz defense deferred (Russian defence)C80= Ruy Lopez, Open (Tarrasch) defenceC81= Ruy Lopez, Open, Howell attackC82= Ruy Lopez, Open, 9.c3C83= Ruy Lopez, Open, Classical defenceC84= Ruy Lopez, Closed defenseC85= Ruy Lopez, Exchange variation doubly deferred (DERLD)C86= Worrall attackC87= Ruy Lopez, Closed, Averbach variationC88= Ruy Lopez, ClosedC89= Ruy Lopez, Marshall counter-attackC90= Ruy Lopez, closed (with ...d6)C91= Ruy Lopez, closed, 9.d4C92= Ruy Lopez, closed, 9.d4C93= Ruy Lopez, closed, Smyslov defenseC94= Ruy Lopez, Closed, Breyer defenseC95= Ruy Lopez, closed, Breyer, 10.d4C96= Ruy Lopez, closed, 8...Na5C97= Ruy Lopez, Closed, Chigorin defenseC98= Ruy Lopez, Closed, Chigorin, 12...Nc6C99= Ruy Lopez, Closed, Chigorin, 12...c5d4